Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homeless in MA? Not too late to register to vote!

Alberta Jilsen, resident of the PIP Shelter (Worcester), and registered voter.

One of Arise's members, Lamont, has been going around to the single shelters in the Springfield, MA registering homeless people to vote and Liz has been scheduling for the family shelters. We've registered more than 50 so far, and can probably double that by the deadline next Wednesday, October 15. Of course, getting folks out to vote, whether homeless or not, is another story. Then again, if not this election, then when?

You can get a state by state chart of homeless voting rights at the National Coalition for the Homeless website.

Photo by Lauren Farina at Worcesterhomeless

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Caty said...

Oh my god, Michaelann, how does one go about registering homeless people to vote???!