Sunday, November 21, 2010

One million brown bats dead

Wired Science has an update on the White Nose Syndrome that is decimating the brown bat population in New England and elsewhere.    I first wrote about this a year and a half ago and the news isn't getting any better.  More than one million bats in 14 states and two Canadian provinces now report infestation.  New York has lost more than 90% of their brown bat population.

Bats get a bad rap.  They eat tremendous amounts of insects and help pollinate plants.  And really, they are a sight to behold at sunset.  Check out this amazing video from from Austin, Texas.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that info , Michaelann.
I spent my day off calling and emailing all the people you mentioned, much to no avail .

Gov. Patrick's aide had no idea what I was talking about and only halfheartedly took my name and number after I had to ask him to do so after making my comments against the plant .

The spokesperson for the City Council at City Hall told me that it was in the hands of the Law Dept. The only way to revoke or modify the permit they allowed ( he told me it was a land use permit based on the fact that it was correctly zoned), would be for the Law Dept to find just cause .

Have calls in to them - of course, no one avail - day before Thanksgiving . But I am not " going quietly into the night ".

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Thanks. We've got to pull out all the stops.