Sunday, November 21, 2010

Help stop Vermont Yankee

Greenpeace has an online petition to Entergy, telling the big company to shut down Vermont Yankee.
the people in Vermont don't want this aging plant to continue to operate, especially as it continues to have problems leaking radioactive material into the environment.  Earlier this month, the plant reopened after a spill of radioactive water. 

The Shut It Down Affinity Group will keep on organizing and keep on getting arrested until the plant is closed.  Their most recent action was in September and they're due back in court on November 23rd.  Good friend and Arise member Ellen Graves is part of this affinity group, as well as two Vermonters, Nina Swaim, 72, of Sharon and Martha Hennessey, 55, of Weathersfield and Massachusetts residents Paki Wieland, 67, and Frances Crowe, 91, of Northampton; Hattie Nestel, 71, and Marcia Gagliardi, 62, of Athol. I thought I'd posted about them previously, but looking back, it was actually in the Arise newsletter , not here.

So feast your eyes on these wonderful women with their wonderful tee shirts, and then take action to support their work.  They're doing it for all of us.

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