Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My granddaughter's poem

It's so incredibly satisfying to me to have another poet in the family....my granddaughter is getting married at the end of the month and here's one snapshot of her thinking...

No, but really, I'm sorry if this insults you.

I'm sorry to insult you,
But I will not be a Mrs. Anything, but Chapin.
And we will not be Mr. and Mrs. Man and Wife You May Now Kiss The Bride 'Till Death Do You Part, Under God.
Missus Belongs-To-Owner, what was your maiden name?

I'm sorry to insult you,
But I have a legacy myself.
I'm not an adopted dog, name changed by new master.
I've got my story, not history.
I'd like to live and be remembered, not by my husband's given name
But mine, the one my mama gave me.
See, I grew to love myself first
And I learned myself by calling myself Chapin,

Melody Chapin.

So, sorry to insult you, but I can't let a man replace what I love about me
With what I love about him.

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