Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disgusting Martha Coakley ad

Well, I'm not voting for Scott Brown (I happen to want health care to pass Congress, flawed though it is), but don't we have some other option besides Martha Coakley?

Just saw a Martha Coakley  ad on TV that really pissed me off.  The voiceover says, "Who is Scott Brown, really?"  and then continues to say he is a "lockstep Republican vote to return us back to the same failed policies of George Bush and Dick Cheney."

But that's not the part that pisses me off.  It's the accompanying video, because at the very second the voice says "lockstep," the image on the screen is that of Brown with his arm held high, palm forward.  If he'd had his elbow straight, it would have looked like a Nazi salute, but that was certainly the unconscious association we were supposed to make, with "lockstep" evoking "goose step."

Shame on the ad agency that produced this ad, shame on Coakley for approving it.

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That Library Girl said...

I had this same conversation with a friend today. It's a disgusting ad. I'm not happy with any choice in this election.