Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What are these?

I have no idea what these animals are, or where the photo was taken.  Anybody?  From Fires of Heaven.


peacesojourner said...

They look like Meerkats to me (or at least in the same family)- check out the article I wrote on them on my blog. They are the greatest group to study because they truly take care of each other. They look so interested in what the man is doing.
The terrain looks like it is an isolated area - the man's clothing and scarf could be a clue - also it looks like an electrical cord running across the photo which indicates a make-shift hookup.
That's all I can offer for now. :-)

Michaelann Bewsee said...

On Facebook Mark Alamed thinks they're groundhogs. Could be! I loved your meerkat post.

Jessica said...

WAY too fat for Meerkats.

Melody's Brazil Experience said...

They're big, fat, prairie dogs, sillies! I'd know a ground squirrel anywhere. Looks like they're often hand-fed, though. Much larger than the more normal-sized wild ones would be in the Midwest.

Groundhogs have a much darker coat, and also do no stand as often on their hind legs. And Meerkats are altogether different.

Anonymous said...