Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have great daughters and a great granddaughter!

My daughter Jess just updated her blog and I'm going to take this opportunity, before turning to more serious things,  to remark that both of my daughters and my granddaughter have blogs.  Jessie's blog came about after she discovered a trove of old writings she did as a kid, including an advice column she wrote at age 13 on an old Smith-Corona typewriter-- this is pre-spellcheck days, mind you.  (I strongly discouraged her from throwing her childhood writings away, and still have a bunch of stuff I rescued from the trash.) She now works in a field where a high degree of literacy is an absolute requirement.

Emily's blog is part of the website for her community acupuncture business in Worcester, River Valley Acupuncture. (I've still got all your old sticker books, Emily.)  Her goal is to make acupuncture affordable for regular folks and she uses her blog to share information and dispel myths about acupuncture.

Melody's blog, which she isn't keeping up right now, is about her trip to Brazil this summer to study Brazilian art songs.  Her post about her master class had me on pins and needles. I'd like to see her turn it into an article, but she's in her last year at UNH and has plenty to keep her busy.

My kids grew up surrounded by books and are all vociferous readers.  Therefore, they are all good writers!  I feel bad for so many of today's kids, who don't know what it's like to be transported to another world without the aid of a computer screen.


marginalutility said...

But where's the link to Jesse's blog?

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Click on "advice column."

peacesojourner said...

Nice reflection -

When I first read the heading I thought it read that you had a great granddaughter and I was surprised that you had never mentioned that

- then I realized that it meant that you have a granddaughter who is great :-)

What a joy she is to you.