Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ward Representation correction

John Lysak emailed me today to say that two school committee candidates actually lived in different wards than I had said... I can only say that that was the information I got from the Election Commission. I did catch that they'd assigned the wrong ward to Frank Buntin and corrected it in the document I posted yesterday, but didn't catch the other two.

This info does change the lay of the land for the ward school committee seats...there is now a candidate for every ward...but hey, one is not enough! No one should be elected simply because there is no opposition. So come on, Springfield residents, now's your chance!


School Committee At Large

Incumbents who’ve taken out papers: Michael Rodgers, Thomas Ashe, Antoinette Pepe (undecided at-large or ward)

Non-incumbents: Felix Rivera , Rafael Bones, Nathaniel Davis (undecided)

Incumbents who haven’t taken out papers yet: Ken Shea, Chris Collins

Wards 1,3: Norman Roldan, Orlando Santiago,

Wards 4,5: Frank Buntin, Peter Murphy,

Wards 6,7: Joshua Carpenter

Wards 2,8: Joseph Flebotte:

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TheFatmanCometh said...

Correction to John:

Joe and Josh do in fact have opponents. Orlando Santiago is in Ward 6 and Peter Murphy is in Ward 2. Lysak was probably get too excited about his upcoming trip to Greece to realize his mistake :-D

Lysak 09!