Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some tent city news

"If it were left to George Taylor, homeless veterans living in wooded areas around Brevard County would be in one large "tent city," where they would tend vegetable crops until they could move into a home of their own." So begins a story at Florida Today about a former vet who is now president and founder of Veterans Homeless Support, reaching out to some of the estimated 600 veterans camping out in Brevard County, Florida.

Mr. Taylor was homeless himself, and rootless for a number of years until he tackled the PTSD that had plagued him since Vietnam. For the last fifteen years his mission has been to help homeless vets. Read more about him to see what good intentions can accomplish.

Good intentions haven't been enough to keep the River United Methodist Communities Church in Woonsocket, RI from being cited by city officials after the church put up four tents for homeless people in their courtyard. The six homeless men who had been staying in the tents are staying elsewhere for the moment, but the tents remain while the church decides what to do. Providence Journal.

Not quite sure to make of this next piece of news, but the Housing Predictor, which does real estate market forecasts, did a survey (sample number unknown) about whether or not the government should, because of the current housing crisis, close down tent cities and more residents into housing. 58% say the government shouldn't do this, 42% say the government should.

What do people's answers really mean? And what odd phrasing! For example, I'd disagree that the government shut shut down tent cities and agree that the government should have housing available for homeless people. Of course most of the time the government does one but not the other.

Photo: Amanda Stratford, Florida Today.


marginalutility said...
is what you asked for--the press release Indymedia and PINAC put together on the police brutality incident based heavily on eyewitness interviews

Anonymous said...

Thought you would have learned your lesson about posting lies. get the whole story please about Brevard County. This comming from a local fire fighter. I refuse to use my real name seeing how you're quick to accuse public workers but I will leave my station name, FF ID, and station name

Squeeze FF/EMT 2809 Brevard County Fire Rescue

Michaelann Bewsee said...

What "lies" did I tell about Brevard County? Did you check the link to the Florida article?