Thursday, March 5, 2009

CNN's Rick Sanchez uses the language of violence

Irony of ironies....this afternoon on Rick Sanchez' show on CNN, he read aloud from the filing documents released by the Los Angeles police that described the "alleged" beating of singer Rihanna by her boyfriend Chris Brown. The literally blow by blow description of the assault was chilling and and graphic.

After reading the filing documents, Rick addressed one of his guests, Ashleigh Banfield from In Session.

"There's talk..that she's gonna go back to him and all that jazz..and as a guy, as a human being, you can't help but wonder why. And there's talk now, that there's some people who know her who are gonna try to knock some sense into her. What are you hearing?"

Hold on! Isn't that what Chris Brown probably believes, that he was "knocking some sense into her?"

Is he next going to call the assault a "crime of passion?"

Photo from Dvux's photostream at Flickr.

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Matt P. said...

I hadn't seen this, but for the interested, here's a link to Sanchez reading the blow-by-blow description. And here's a transcript of the discussion.

It certainly was an ironic and unfortunate choice of words, but it seems clear that he just meant that Rihanna's friends should help convince her that she shouldn't get back in a relationship with Brown and that he didn't mean to imply that violence is an acceptable way to do that convincing.

[I don't normally care for this type of story, and haven't been following it, but your 'crime of passion' comment made me wonder if he was endorsing Brown's abusiveness, which would be appalling (and doesn't appear to be the case).]