Wednesday, December 5, 2007

If the rich can't take it with them, at least they can let the rest of us know they had it!

Right after I posted this morning, I came across a Boston Globe article about Thomas R. Hudson Jr., who has just had a one million dollar mausoleum built for him in Blue Hill Cemetery in Braintee.

But enough about the rich. On the opposite end of such vainglory are natural cemeteries -- Greensprings Natural Cemetery, in New York's Finger Lakes Region, is the third such burial ground in the U.S. No embalming, biodegradable coffin, small flat headstone in a natural setting. From their site: " choosing how and where we are buried, aach one of us can converse, sustain and protect the earth...the earth from which, of course, we came and to which we will return."

Ecopod has pressed paper coffins; Kent Casket makes simple pine boxes. Much to think about, here. When will Massachusetts have a natural cemetery?

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