Friday, December 21, 2007

38 names at today's Homeless Memorial

Cold. Old faces, new faces. 38 candles were lit and 38 names were read.

Rev. Dyson coordinated this year's memorial. It was tender and moving

A half dozen of us from Arise came down. I got to meet an Iranian man who is a frequent poster on our listserve AriseAction and we talked about peace.

I saw Kevin Noonan, the Director of the Open Pantry, and he told me that he'd found a place for the food pantry just today. It's up State St. in a building owned by Springfield Partners for Community Action, right across from Arise's old office. And our new office is only two blocks further down State St., opposite the community college.

I'm 60 years old today. I've always liked my birthdate-- first day of winter, nearly the solstice, and yet the days grow longer from here. But on the darkest night of the year, in cities across the country, we stop to remember those who have died without a home.


Tommy said...

Happy Birthday!

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Thanks! Glad you're back.

lizma62 said...

I've one more name to add to the list Jimmy Albino found dead in Allentown, PA. He was former shelter guest.
Happy Birthday!

deborah wilson said...

Happy (belated) Birthday and I hope that your Holidays are Merry..:)