Monday, September 10, 2007


The U.S. Open is over and I can finally have my life back. I know I have disquieted my poor cats the past two weeks with my random shouts of "Out!" Watching tennis is a semi-guilty pleasure. I don't know even one other person who follows the game. I feel like a class traitor.

Bad language (and I don't mean cursing) has really been getting to me recently. From the WWLP website on Friday:
Lieutenant John Slepchuck told 22News the victim is in his 50's. He adds that the man had visual injuries and it was determined they were caused by a fall down the stairs and not from an assault."

Now I don't know if it was really Lieutenant Slepchuck who said it or if it was the reporter's paraphrase, but wouldn't "visual injuries" be an awkward way of saying injuries to the eyes? Could he, perchance, have meant "visible injuries"-- that is, injuries you can see? Oh, well.


heather said...

I noticed the "visual injuries" line as well and chuckled a bit. WWLP love, Michaelann 15.

Tommy said...

The writing for TV news in general is awful. The "articles" on the website are just taken word for word from the script used by the newscaster. Sometimes they'll forget and leave in the instructions for how to say hard to pronounce names. It hasn't dawned on them yet that soon their website will be more important than their broadcast.