Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks-- but paper gets the date wrong.

The Springfield Republican had a pro-ward representation editorial today which, I hope, will play a part in pressuring legislators to keep pushing the home rule legislation through ward rep can go on this November's ballot. But the editorial got the deadline date wrong! The editorial said the deadline was October 19. It is NOT the 19th, it is the 2nd! This misinformation is counter-productive to the real sense of urgency citizens and legislators need to be feeling right now. TUESDAY! TUESDAY! TUESDAY! Even a core Arise member left a message on my phone tonight saying, "Well, at least we've got till the 19th." I think/hope the paper will correct this tomorrow.

We had a ward representation meeting tonight. If the question gets on the November 6 ballot, we certainly know what we have to do-- it's old-fashioned grassroots work. Arise, Oiste and the NAACP have organized on fair city council and school committee elections for so many years, we've laid a lot of groundwork.

But we still just don't know.

We decided tonight that we will have a press conference Tuesday, October 2nd, noon, on the steps of City Hall, either:
to celebrate Springfield's opportunity to vote in ward representation
to castigate those elected officials who waited until the eleventh hour to act, when the eleventh hour was already too late.

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