Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My starling didn't make it

Drove into the parking lot at work today and there was my baby starling, quite dead, quite dessicated-- I worked at home yesterday so it could have fallen any time from Friday night through yesterday. I was saddened but not terribly surprised.

After work I treated myself to supper at Casa de Nana. I ate outside on the deck. At one table two young women and a guy were talking about how much it sucked that one of the girls wasn't going to be working where they all worked anymore. About the third beer, two of them passed from laughing too loud to weeping in silence.

Three young guys came in, two blond and crew-cutted and one with a small dark goatee. Never did find out much about him-- he mostly just listened-- but one guy was an actor and the other on active duty in the Army.

The actor said, "People think its just pretending, but no-- you have to really become the person you're playing."

The soldier said, "I dreamed I was in solitary confinement and then I got out and I was walking down this long hall and it seemed like I was walking forever."

Drawing by Gregor Laird

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