Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blogging life is bizarre

and I suppose I don't know the half of it, having been blogging for only a few months.

Last night my nephew turned up at Wendy's to go to work and found the store closed. I wrote about this last night.

First weirdness: I got more hits on my blog for this post than on any single subject I've posted on before, including the death of a homeless man.

Second weirdness: I discovered this morning I'm blocked from MassLive, our local forum. Think I figured out it's because I used the Wendy's logo on my story about Wendy's. Guess I was tired and not thinking about the logo being copywrited. Usually I am very careful. Don't know how long this banning will last. I have since removed the logo.

My estimate of the number of employees affected by Wendy's closing was way under-- 250 is more like it.

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Anonymous said...

Michaelann Land i'm sure you were block because you seem like a lady of integrity and thats something not found much these days. MassLive is interesting in selling stories. Thank you for your breathe of fresh air. Be nice if the truth was allowed to be told.