Friday, December 17, 2010

Verge St: no foreclosure yesterday!

Earlier this week I posted a photo of bittersweet draped over an apple tree.  The photo was taken on Verge Street-- I'd spotted it on my way to the pet store.  Yesterday, I took a couple of other photos, also on Verge St.: people standing up to the banks and saying, No One Leaves!

Half an hour before the scheduled auction at his house, Carlos Pena managed to negotiate with HSBC/Fannie Mae to give him more time to restructure his loan.  The message from all of us?  We're tired of big banks pushing us around, destabilizing neighborhood and making people homeless!

If you want to get involved in this effort, here's how you can do it-- The Springfield Bank Tenant Association and No One Leaves Coalition are newly formed groups dedicated to standing up and fighting back against the banks to put an end to post-foreclosure evictions, displacement of our families and the destruction of our communities. The SBTA--a group of bank tenants (tenants and homeowners living in foreclosed buildings) meets every Tuesday from 6-8PM at HAP Housing (322 Main St.). If you would like more information about the campaign and the effort to fight back, please contact or call Liz at Arise, 413 734-4948.

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Anonymous said...

this big bank need to give people more help so people can stay in there house wow in the middle of the holidays they dont care about no one