Monday, July 19, 2010

How to forecast weather

Turn the calendar back 5,000 years and think about it: those who planted rice and barley knew the right time to plant, knew when the rivers would flood their banks, and could tell pretty well what the weather would be like on the next day.

Many of us are surrounded by concrete; we're not looking up at the sky, we're looking at our IPhone.  We listen to the weather forecasters on TV and complain about how often they are wrong.  But we can regain the lost art of forecasting the weather if we want to, with no gadgets to assist.  Amaze your family and friends!  Marisys has a lovely page on how to forecast the weather.  Give it a try.

 Photo from kevindooley's photostream at Flickr.


scribadiva said...

I hear you! That's the reason I moved back to the Berkshires, but I can't afford a place in south County; it looks like the Hamptons now. I'd love to plant a garden. I am trying to move, so maybe I'll find a place with a little space. Hope you've been well. Are you on BlogCatalog? Check it out, if you aren't. Sweet tides, Linda

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Yes, I am on Blog Catalog-- that's what turned me on to Bloggers Unite, which I have been neglecting recently but not for much longer.