Thursday, October 8, 2009

Impact zone: how much of our communities will be affected by a new incineration plant?

This is a map of the schools within a five mile area of the wood-burning incineration plant proposed by Palmer Renewable Energy. The plant will be placed just off Page Blvd. on Cadwell Dr. in Springfield.

I need community input to help fill in the other "sensitive receptors" in that five mile area. Hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes, day care centers, senior centers, elder housing, public and private recreational facilities, reservoirs-- anything that might be affected by a decrease in air quality or by pollutants such as lead and mercury that will fall to the ground or on the water.

Our area is already out of compliance with EPA ozone rules; our asthma rates are significantly higher than the state average; the plant will add a ton of lead plus other contaminants to our environment. You can find out a LOT more by going to Say No to Construction and Demolition Debris Incineration. You can help us flesh out this map by leaving a comment here or sending an email to

There will be an air permit hearing sometime within the next several months, where the public can tell the Department of Environmental Protection that we don't feel "protected" by their regulations! Stay tuned.

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