Thursday, September 24, 2009

Springfield biomass plant opponents have a website

People who want more information on the proposed Palmer Renewable Energy (PRE) biomass plant now have a resource: Say No to Springfield Construction and Demolition Debris Incineration. Blogging I can do, but website creation is beyond me, so thanks to the Warner family for pulling this off.

Some more anti-PRE info: The next general meeting of folks who want to stop this plant will be next Wednesday, September 30, 6 pm. at Arise, 467 State St. in Springfield. This will be a good meeting for new people, so please join us. An organizer from the Toxics Action Center in Boston will be coming to help us think through some of our next steps.

The Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection will have an Air Quality hearing on this plant probably before the end of the year. Keep checking back and as soon as a date is set, you'll know. Springfield residents really need to turn out for this hearing. Excuse my stating the obvious, but how can it possibly be good for us to add "only" a ton of lead, plus arsenic, chromium, dioxin and fine particulate matter and more to the air we breathe?

Signatures are now being collected to get a question on next year's state ballot which would remove the designation of wood-burning biomass as green. Petitions are available to sign at Arise, and if you want to take a petition with you to collect even more signatures, you can. You can find out more about this effort at Stop Spewing Carbon!

There's a lot more to say about PRE, biomass, organizing, etc-- it's a good part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much as usual, which I hope to remedy soon.

Photo from NIOSH's photostream at Flickr.

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