Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here they are! Springfield's candidates for mayor, city council and school committee

The Springfield Election Office has just finished certifying candidates' nomination papers are the results are in! We've got some business as usual and a few surprises.

First, Domenic Sarno and Bud Williams will be the only candidates for mayor. Jeff Donnelly failed to get enough valid signatures and I'm not sure David Pankhurst returned any papers at all.

We only have eight candidates for the at-large seats on Springfield City Council-- that means NO primary for the at-large candidates. Only four of the current nine incumbents are choosing to run-- James Ferrera, Jose Tosado, Kateri Walsh and Timothy Rooke. The other four candidates are Vera O'Connor, Morris Jones, Thomas Ashe and Robert Francesca.

NO primary for Ward One-- Gumersindo Gomez and Zaida Luna will go head-to-head on November 3.

Ward Two has five certified candidates for city council, and will have a primary on September 15 to choose only two among the five: Michael Fenton, Gil Herron, Thomas Sullivan, Robert Underwood and Hamilton Wray.

NO primary for Ward Three for city council: Martin Loughman and Melvin Edwards will face off on November 3.

NO primary for city council in Ward Four: longtime activists E. Henry Twiggs and Norman Oliver are the only certified candidates.

YES for a Ward Five primary: George Bruce and Clodo Concepcion have run for city council before; Carol Lewis Caulton has actually served a term on city council; DeJuan Brown is well-known for his role with A.W.A.K.E.

YES for a Ward Six primary: We've got five candidates: Amaad Rivera, Richard Carpenter, Victor Davila, Peter Lappin and Keith Wright.

YES for a Ward Seven primary: six candidates: Timothy Allen, Peter Appleby, Ronald Jordan, Walter Lysak, Michael Rodgers and Alexander Sherman.

YES for a Ward Eight primary: Gloria DiPhillipo, John Lysak, Orlando Ramos and Miguel Soto.

The School Committee slate is a bit disappointing, because there is far less competition. Only two candidates for the two at-large seats: Denise Hurst and Antoinette Pepe, so unless something completely unexpected happens, both women will be elected.

Norman Roldan is the only candidate for District One, a combination of Wards One and Three, so he will definitely be elected. (How nice for him!)

District Two, a combination of Wards Four and Five, will have a primary: Barbara Gresham, Maurice Thomas, Tahon Ross and Sirdeaner Walker are all certified.

District Three, a combination of Wards Six and Seven, will have a primary: Christopher Caputo, Orlando Santiago, Christopher Collins and Joshua Collins are all certified. Chris Collins is currently an incumbent but is running from his ward.

District Four will not have a primary: Either Joseph Flebotte or Peter Murphy will be elected.

To recap: Expect primaries in Ward Two for both city council and school committee, Ward Three for school committee, Ward Four for school committee; Ward Five for city council and school committee, Ward Sic for city council and school committee, Ward Seven for city council and school committee,k and Ward Eight for city council and school committee.

That's it, folks! I am now hoping that the neighborhood councils, civic associations and other community groups will hold candidates' night so that each ward has an opportunity to pick the best candidates under our new system. It's only taken 40 years, 3 initiative petitions, two federal lawsuits and numerous city council votes, but we did it.

If I tried to thank everyone who made this possible, I'd be bound to leave someone out, but I have to give a special shout-out to Frank Buntin, Gumersindo Gomez, Fred Whitney, Arise and Jose Tosado.


peacesojourner said...

Thank you for this precise and clear outline of the upcoming elections. It should be a very interesting primary.

Anonymous said...

I hope Tom Ashe win.

Anonymous said...

I do not know any of the candidates for ward 1 but I do hope that

Ward 2: Mike Fenton wins
Ward 3: Melvin Edwards wins
Ward 4: Henry wins
Ward 5: Clodo or Carol
Ward 6: Undecided but leaning towards Amaad
Ward 7: Alex Sherman
Ward 8: Gloria or John

Richard Carpenter said...

My name is Richard Carpenter and I am seeking a seat on city council from Ward 6.

Call me Rick.

I graduated from Technical High School and received an associates degree in business management from STCC. I have also studied business, economics and sociology at Clark University and UMass.

Currently I work in sales for a home improvement company. My past experiences include managing my own real estate company, running a gourmet coffee distribution business and various manufacturing positions.

I worked for thirteen years at Danaher Tool Group before the doors closed.

The most valuable experience I will utilize as a city councilor is the the ability to listen.

What I am hearing now are citizens who appreciate Springfield but want change. Changes in our level of safety, changes in the perception of our schools and changes in the economic climate of our city.

Some residents of Forest Park and East Forest Park are happy with Springfield but want more from city government.

As a member of city council I will work to make Springfield safer, support the schools and work to bring more businesses and jobs to Springfield.

Most important, I will place public service before politics and always work in the best interest of the residents of Springfield. And I will always listen.

Rick Carpenter

Megan the Plumber said...

I'm behind Bud Williams!