Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sundry and the swing of things

I came back from vacation to discover that both my phone and my internet were only intermittently useable-- after spending more than two hours over three days on hold with Comcast, I think they should pay ME. In any case, not having computer access at home has made it hard to get back into the swing of things.

I went to Worcester and back for work today and seemed to spot a lot more bumper stickers than I usually do.
Got me thinking about a bumper sticker I may need to hand-letter myself:: "COMMUNITY ORGANIZER AND PROUD OF IT.."

(My most recent favorite bumper sticker: "What if the hokey pokey is what it's all about?")

Almost without exception, bumper stickers fall in five categories:

Religious and Anti-Religious
In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned
Jesus saves
My father is a Jewish carpenter
Evolution is a fact, God is just a theory
Personal and Cuddly
I Heart Dobermans, Quilts, Montana, etc,
My child is an honor student
I brake for butterflies
Personal and Angry
Ass, gas or grass; nobody rides for free
Please, shut the truck up
Without our families, alcohol wouldn't be necessary
Political and Cuddly
Whirrled Peas
Love your mother (earth)
My other car is a bicycle
Political and Angry
Buck Fush
If you can read this, you're not the President
Life's a bitch, so don't vote for one

People with bumper stickers believe in something and want others to know it or have something to show off. They have older cars with fading paint jobs or newer cars but strong liberal or conservative consciences. People with bumper stickers are working class, middle class and comfortable. What they never are is rich because rich people don't advertise themselves publicly.

Poor kids write their names on the sides of buildings. Working class people have shirts or caps with their names or favorite sports teams. Middle class people advertise clothing designers and stencil their names in calligraphy on their mailboxes. Rich people don't even get mail and live where you can't see them.

It's something to think about the next time you see poor, working and middle class people fighting over the crumbs.

Bumper stickers from Internet Bumper Stickers

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