Saturday, August 23, 2008

I haven't forgotten

Yes, I still care about my blog and my readers, but since I've gotten out of the hospital I've been so far behind in everything else-- my job, Arise, and my personal responsibilities-- that I haven't been able to build up the momentum to post. Now I am off on vacation, and what with arranging house sitting, cat care, etc., I'll be lucky to leave the house on time.

Looks like one of my cats will be coming with me. Right this second he's at the vet's, where he's been since Wednesday with a blocked ureter. Assuming he is well enough to leave (which he probably is, but I'll find out within the hour), he will have to come with me because I can't expect my housesitter to recognize if he is getting sick again.

Ah, Wellfleet. Some people go on vacation for adventure, but I go to relax, and once I'm at the Atlantic Ocean, I feel like I've been there forever.

My sister and I are splitting the cost of a laptop, and the Wellfleet Library has wireless, so I hope to post while I'm away.

I still care about: homeless people, poverty, the fate of our environment, food and hunger, and the wellbeing of my home community, Springfield, MA-- and, of course, my children, granddaughter, friends, animals and poetry!

Talk to you soon.

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Mary E.Carey said...

I didn't realize you were in the hospital. Gald to hear you're out!