Thursday, January 31, 2008

Green shelter? New jobs?

The NYTimes recently reported on a new shelter for the homeless in Oakland California which is Green from the bottom up.

It's the only kind of new construction that makes sense anymore

ED Bill Miller from Friends of the Homeless says the new shelter planned there has some Green elements and will be designed with much natural light.

  • In this morning's Republican, Buxton Leather announced it will be off more than half of its employees.
  • Rock-Tenn Corp in Chicopee is laying off all of its 100 employees.
  • Hasbro Games in East Longmeadow is permanently laying off 200 people.

Everyone laid off could be put to work making Springfield, Chicopee, East Longmeadow and other surrounding towns Green communities. But it takes a vision that so far, our elected officials have failed to actualize.

Green is not just about the environment, it's about living, thriving, healthy communities.

Photo from EcoGeek.

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